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Over the last two months we've seen real estate millionaire and political dilettante Donald Trump being shoved at us as "frontrunner" of (get this):  the Republican Party.  Yes, the Republican Party.  We are talking about the exact same Donald Trump who has spent the last three decades of his life advocating some of the most rotten of leftwing positions imaginable, and enthusiastically donating his money to some of the most frothing of radical-left politicians in America.  

See Donald Trump as a "liberal's liberal," in a July 2015 article by Hunter Schwartz:

A blog that lists Trump's flip-flops on drugs, taxation, government health care monopolism, abortion, the Second Amendment, Social "Security" privatization, and his love for Dolores Umbridge-Clinton:

A list of politicians to which Trump has donated significant cash over the years includes: Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, John Kerry, Charles Schumer, Edward M. "Hold my drink Mary Jo while I drive off of this bridge" Kennedy, Charles Rangel, and Umbridge-Clinton herself.  His largest single political donation ever was in 2006, for $125,000.  It went to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee of New York:

And for a real thrill, read this June 2014 article "How Donald Trump helped Democrats pass Obamacare," published in the Washington Post (not a publication known for its pro-Republican slant):

So can someone please explain to me how anyone calling himself a "Republican" or a "Tea Partier" can support this undercover Democrat? 

The Tea Party movement's GOP overhaul notwithstanding, there are still a lot of Republicans who refuse to think in terms of core principles and who therefore see no problem with jumping onto any random bandwagon that shows up, on the basis of the flimsiest of reasons.  In context of a pivotal Presidential campaign season, that bandwagon mentality is a potentially catastrophic sellout of those principles, at precisely the point in history at which they are most desperately needed. It's also a shunting-aside of the first Republicans of genuine principle we've had on a primary roster since election year 1984.  This hijacking of the Republican primary process threatens to condemn the American voter to yet another "lesser of two evils" contest between a.) a goose-stepping hard-left Democrat and b.) a principles-devoid RINO. 

Dole, anybody?  McCain?  Romney?  Trump?  Again?  Why? 

This hijacking of the Republican primary must not be allowed to continue. Which means that we as Republicans must reject this personality-cult stupidity, ditch the "American Idol" entertainment mentality, grow up, and get back to the heavy lifting that is: nominating a genuine Republican of principle for the 2016 election. This is not some mindless "reality" show like Trump's "Apprentice," it is a contest for the next leader of the semi-free world - at a time of crisis in which the very fate of America and of Western Civilization itself are at stake. 

For the first time in thirty years we have plenty of genuine Republicans of principle to choose from:  We have Ted Cruz.  We have Scott Walker.  We have Rand Paul.  We have Carly Fiorina.  We have Bobby Jindal.  We have Marco Rubio.  We have no need of RINOs - whether Trump, Bush, Christie, Graham, Kasich, Huckabee or any other - and we never did. As Tea Partiers, identification of RINOs and ejecting them from office has been one of our prime, founding objectives. To choose to get sucked into this celebrity-hobbyist RINO's stab at "fifteen more minutes of fame," at the expense of truly worthy candidates, is a betrayal of everything the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement have ever stood for.     

Trump is, and always has been, a finger-to-the-wind pragmatist who leans to the left. He is nonetheless clever enough at manipulating the populist pack-mentality to mouth a few slogans that some Republicans want to hear, and to do so forcefully.  But the fact remains that along with his historical record of leftwing causes and candidates, and along with his contemptible hatred of women (hey, if he's too much of a wimp to handle Megyn Kelly, how in hell would he handle an Iranian mullah or the global fascists running the UN?) he is perhaps the perfect poster-boy for precisely the things that the Tea Party formed in early 2009 to eradicate: RINOism, and the government-business collusion we call corporatism - both  of which Trump's record confirms conclusively.  

For some people who identify themselves as Republicans - or worse, as Tea Party Republicans - to have jumped onto this RINO's bandwagon, is politically suicidal and potentially destructive of everything we stand for and everything we have been fighting for.  What is particularly disgusting about this Trump bandwagon is the fact that, again, for the first time since Ronald Reagan's re-election campaign of 1983-84, we actually have real Republicans, worthy of the name, running for the office - and not just one but at least six. And here we have this anti-Tea Party vandal, sidetracking the process and sucking up media attention with his carnival sideshow, thereby playing directly into the hands of our opposition.

I am convinced that this fact - that the true frontrunners in this race are genuine Republicans of principle - is precisely why the leftwing media are shoving RINO Trump at us so aggressively, with this manufactured designation as "frontrunner":  There are a whole lot of people, among both the Democrat-Socialist Party and RINOs alike, who are terrified that we Republicans will bypass the Establishment traitors and nominate a genuine Republican in 2016.

Have a look at the respective candidate rosters of the Democrat-Socialist and the Republican Parties:  

- The Democrat-Socialists have the lamest lineup of candidates since 1988, when Gary Hart was sailing off with Donna Rice on the "Monkey Business" and Michael Dukakis was playing tank commander - while award-winning author Robert Bidinotto helped make Dukakis' pal Willie Horton a household name;

- The Republican Party has, again, not just one but at least six excellent Republicans of principle on the roster for 2016. None is 100% consistent, certainly, but all are miles better than the RINO cancer we've suffered through for the last thirty years.

So... "Let's jump on the Trump bandwagon!  Yeah, that's the ticket!"  Why, because he talks tough?  Hey, so did Jeremiah Wright, so why not give him your vote?  Because wealth in itself is attractive?  So go think just as deeply, and cast your vote for Kim Kardashian already.  

Let's do a quick recap of the two fundamental evils that the Tea Party committed itself to eradicating - the two core issues that gave rise to this grassroots phenomenon in the first place:

1. Business-government collusion, a.k.a. corporatism.  In the middle of the quarter-century economic boom cycle that President Reagan's policies gave us, un-jailed vandals Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank set up an economic time-bomb in the housing bubble bailout and the Federal Reserve's equally-disastrous "quantitative easing" scam - none of which would've happened if a wall of separation were reestablished and maintained between government and business;

2. The infiltration of the Republican Party by RINO traitors - finger-to-the-wind pragmatists animated by a scattershot of willy-nilly positions on disparate issues without the faintest hint of a cohesive philosophy to tie them together, and/or full-blown traitors for the Democrat cause itself, such as Jeffords, Snowe, Collins, Boehner and McConnell.

Donald Trump's documented advocacy record of leftwing causes and candidates over the last thirty years is a matter of record, and he not only admitted but seemingly boasted about his embrace of government-business collusion, during the first Republican debate of 2015: http://tinyurl.com/oqd33xc  

Which makes Trump a perfect textbook-definition RINO.  So once again, can somebody please explain to me why anyone calling himself a Republican, much less a Tea Partier, would have anything to do with this principles-devoid imposter? 

One of the most important achievements of the Tea Party movement is that for the first time in the Republican Party's history there appeared a massive, nationwide demand for a sharp distinction between Republicans of clear principle, vs. RINO interlopers whose malleable, go-along-to-get-along, compromise-with-anyone-on-anything worldview makes them Democrat-Socialist enablers at best and Demo-Socialist moles at worst.  That fact that one of these RINOs likes to rant unapologetically about a handful of personal peeves which happen to coincide with the peeves of some among us, does not alter the fact of his RINO record - an opportunistic worldview not rooted to any identifiable Republican principle, any consistent individualist philosophy, or evidencing the slightest shred of any long-range political vision.

And take note:  Here is a man whose entire life's work revolves around the cautious management of money.  By that very fact, the candidates and causes to which he chooses to donate his money is an irrefutable identifier of this man's deepest values and convictions. Review the list of such value-commitments in the links at the beginning of this post, and start connecting some dots.  Donald Trump's true political views are not Republican.  Unless it's expedient to pretend they are - see his multitude of sudden, opportunistic flip-flops.

Folks, I know a lot of good people have made the mistake of jumping onto this RINO's bandwagon, but to ignore his flip-flopping, fence-sitting, radical-Left-supporting past is to ignore the Republican Party's and the Tea Party movement's core principles.  His past choices are a matter of record.  They identify him as the antithesis of the core Republicanism which absolutely must be central to our 2016 GOP nominee. In-your-face one-liners are fine - but when the mindset behind them runs on a completely different track than core, Constitutional Republicanism, it's nothing but cheap populism in the service of an undigested ideological hash.  IOW, it's RINOism with an attitude.  Which remains:  RINOism.  

What America and Western Civilization must have in the 2016 Republican nominee is a candidate steeped in the Founding philosophy of America - the Renaissance / Enlightenment / Constitutional ideology upon which this nation's greatest virtues (reason, individualism, capitalism, liberty) are built.   Cruz gets it, Paul gets it, Walker gets it, and generally speaking, Fiorina, Jindal and Rubio also get it.

Trump? He's an expert at getting attention from a willing media, and at wowing crowds. And that's all folks.

The world may never know whether Trump's motives are simple self-aggrandizement, active sabotage of the strongest roster of true Republicans in decades, or "hedging his bets" as in Rand Paul's nail-on-the-head identification. (Handing the election to Clinton, thereby securing a second Clinton Administration deeply indebted to him, would go a long way toward greasing regulatory and tax-related skids for a high-dollar wheeler-dealer like Trump.)

What makes it all the more disgusting is that the interference he's running on behalf of the Clintons has stolen the early limelight from what is, again, the strongest lineup of actual, true-blue rock-ribbed Republicans of principle that we've seen since... well, since the Reagan campaign in '83-'84. 2016 is the year that we obliterate the RINO stranglehold on the GOP and elect an actual Republican - for the first time since 1984. 

Again, we have Cruz, Walker, Paul, Fiorina, Jindal, Rubio - genuine Republicans all.

RINOs are a cancer on the GOP, on America, on Western Civilization as a whole.  And Trump is one of them.

To those who would betray Republican principles in favor of this RINO imposter Donald Trump, I will refer you to the prescient words of American Founder Samuel Adams:

“If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” 

You, Republican voter, must decide which is more important to you: Momentary entertainment or the fate of civilization.  

Enough of this RINO-sideshow Trump.  We have a genuine Republican to nominate.

<![CDATA[michael greer: CONGRESSMAN STEVE STOCKMAN ON ISIS]]>Wed, 10 Jun 2015 20:37:37 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/michael-greer-congressman-steve-stockman-on-isisCongressman Stockton brought Ted Nugent to Obama’s 2013 State of the Union speech.  In 2014 he made more Members of Congress’s heads explode when he walked out of Obama’s State of the Union speech. The Congressman is an entertaining man.

After serving two terms in Congress for two different districts in Texas, in 2012 Congressman Stockman ran for the Senate against incumbent John Cornyn and lost.

As Congressman from the district with the most per capita oil refineries and downstream petrochemical plants in the world, he worked for commonsense regulatory relief for the nation’s oil and gas industries, which would lead to less dependence on foreign oil.

NASA’S Johnson Space Center was in Stockman’s district and he served on House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He believes in keeping the United States at the forefront of space technology.

Congressman Stockman, being a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment, introduced the very first pro-gun bill in the House in 2013, H.R. 35 to repeal federal “gun free” zones. He and Senator Rand Paul introduced the “Restore the Constitution Act of 2013” which would nullify any anti-gun Executive Orders. Also as Vice Chairman of the House Second Amendment Task Force, he authored legislation to strip funding to the UN should that body try to restrict America’s gun rights. 

Congressman Stockman also issued an arrest warrant for Lois Lerner. He said Obama retaliates against those who oppose his agenda. Stockman is now being investigated by the Department of Justice and having to spend thousands to defend himself.

American Freedom Alliance’s Literary Café had Congressman Steve Stockman speak about his recent trip to the Middle East, the ISIS Rampage and it’s Implications for our security.  He recently returned from Afganistan, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Israel and Egypt. He told us our Nobel Peace Prize President is about to weaponize the entire Middle East. It just won’t happen during his term.  And if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, they will use it.  And while the Middle East is being weaponized, by the time this administration is out of office we will have no nuclear weapons.

Congressman Stockman met with the Kurds. They are capable of fighting against ISIS but Obama won’t give them weapons. They can’t waste bullets so they have to ration them. Obama keeps telling us these countries need to defend themselves, so one has to ask why he won’t give them the weapons they need to do it. Stockman visited a refugee camp and will never forget a boy he met who carried pieces of his skull with him. ISIS shot off the top of his head. Doctors were able to save his life and replace his skull with a metal plate.

Stockman said we are ignoring history. Sadly too few of us even know history. He said Churchill warned the world about Hitler and was ignored. He said we were warned about 9/11 and ignored it. We are now ignoring the threat of ISIS. The man who told us we could keep our doctor is now telling us we are at peace under his administration.

Stockman said we are upside down in our foreign policy. Most of the countries are more afraid of Iran than Israel.  But Obama has threatened to shoot down any Israeli plane that flies to attack Iran.

In the past, money and supplies we sent the Kurds had to go through Bagdad and never got to them.  The weapons are sold to ISIS and defiantly paraded through the streets.

The Congressman also spoke of Libya. He said Kadafi may have been a crazy man but he was killing terrorists and helping us.  He said Sidney Blumenthal helped overthrow Kadafi and made millions doing it.

Our country is being “fundamentally transformed” by immigration.  On top of all the illegal aliens and H1B foreign workers, Obama has brought in 100 Thousand Muslim “refugees” a month since he took office. 93 Million Americans of working age are not working. The true unemployment rate is closer to 25%.

Stockman said Obama won because he organized his communities and we need to organize ours if we want this country to remotely resemble the one we grew up in.
<![CDATA[Michael greer: CLIMATE CHANGE ALARMISTS DESPERATION]]>Thu, 07 May 2015 01:03:02 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/michael-greer-climate-change-alarmists-desperationWhen our Secretary of State (who has no scientific credentials) says man caused Climate Change is as real as gravity, you know he’s desperate.  He said we don’t question gravity and we don’t question ice freezing at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  But, he asks, when scientists tell us man is causing climate change, what right do people have to say they deny that “elementary truth”. 

I’ll be happy to tell him, gravity can be proven by empirical evidence every time it’s tried.  And although we all agree ice freezes, it doesn’t always freeze at 32 degrees F.  Freezing depends on temperature and pressure.  But, water will freeze at low enough temperatures every time.

No one, scientist or civilian, is disagreeing that climate changes.  It has since the beginning of time and it will until the end of time…..with or without man.  Where we disagree is the cause.  Kerry wants us to believe man is the cause. He says “scientists” tell us that. No, not all scientists do.  More than thirty one thousand of them, just in the United States, signed a petition saying they disagree.  www.petitionproject.org

We have the right to deny that “elementary truth” because it isn’t an elementary truth.  We have the right to free speech and to be skeptical, especially, when every scary prediction, the climate models they rely on have made, has not happened.  There is no empirical evidence that man is causing global warming or climate change. There are many natural phenomena that have a greater effect on temperature than man. And there have been many widely accepted scientific conclusions that have been overturned, such as the causes and effects of high cholesterol. That’s why we have the right to question it. Science requires skepticism.

However, even as the ominous predictions, one by one, fall by the wayside, the Warmers have no intention of giving up.  They are doubling down…..which very well may lead to the demise of their agenda. 

The Warmers are getting so desperate they are flailing around grasping for anything to show man is causing global warming.  The models they use to justify legislative action are failing as the predictions don’t match observed temperatures. Their predictions are getting more dire, more absurd and less tethered to reality. Everything and anything is blamed on Climate Change.  Claims are being made that Climate Change caused ISIS.  It causes everything from asthma to prostitution.

Their tactic now is to attack, slander and destroy the skeptics.  Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Senators Boxer, Markley and Whitehouse have sent letters to universities demanding they disclose the sources of funding for the researchers who are skeptics of anthropogenic Climate Change.  Any scientist who has testified in front of Congress is being targeted.  The validity of their research isn’t being questioned, the source of their funding is. Interestingly, the sources of funding for Climate Change alarmist aren’t being questioned.

Dr. Wei-Hock (Willie) Soon, Physicist at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics was targeted after a peer-reviewed article was published in Science Bulletin entitled, “Why Models Run Hot: Results from an Irreducibly Simple Climate Model” that made a strong case that the climate is less sensitive to CO2 than most models suggest. When it became the most downloaded paper in the journal’s history and news organizations took notice, the climate alarmists came after him claiming he didn’t disclose the source of his funding.

The problem with their accusations is that funding for research is given to universities directly. Negotiations are between the university and the donor, not the scientist and the donor. Considering the political climate at universities today, it’s hard to imagine a requirement that the research favor fossil fuels would be acceptable.  The university then takes about 60% of the funds and distributes the rest to the researchers.

It is also important to point out that Dr. Soon’s research and findings had been highly respected for decades. He wouldn’t have been hired by such a prestigious institution, had they not been. It is only when he questioned the validity of the climate models that his integrity was questioned.

Climate alarmists, on the other hand, are not asked to provide the sources of their funding. I wonder who funds them? The EPA, perhaps?  http://junkscience.com/2015/05/05/media-beats-up-willie-soon-but-turns-a-blind-eye-to-epa-funded-researchers-shilling-for-epas-biggest-rule/

Recently, Dr. Judith Curry testified to Congress that recent data and research supports natural climate variability caused by the sun, volcanic eruptions, and large-scale ocean circulations, having a greater effect on climate than man. She testified that efforts to link dangerous impacts of extreme weather to human-caused warming are misleading and unsupported by evidence. She pointed out that America’s commitment to the UN to reduce CO2 emissions by 28% would prevent three hundredths of a degree centigrade in warming by 2100. (is that worth spending trillions and lowering our standard of living?) https://curryja.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/house-science-testimony-apr-15-final.pdf

Another example is Dr. James Enstrom.  He exposed the study by a fraudulent researcher with a degree bought on line, that claimed diesel particulates in the air were causing thousands of deaths a year.  CARB (California Air Resources Board) used the study to justify banning diesel engines from California. Dr. Enstrom wasn’t wrong but he was fired because his research no longer aligned itself with the university’s ideals.

These are but a few of the examples of the desperation on the Left.  Their dire predictions haven’t materialized and the public is losing interest.  They can’t argue with the evidence that the earth is not warming, so now they’re trying to kill the messenger…….I almost feel sorry for them.
<![CDATA[michael greer: OUR FUNDAMENTAL TRANSfORmATION]]>Sat, 04 Apr 2015 20:54:51 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/michael-greer-our-fundamental-transformationIt’s for the children,  you know.  The excuse for every bad policy is “for the children”.  This Townhall, given by Congresswoman Karen Bass with guest speaker Congressman Louis Gutierrez, was titled, “Keeping Families Together”.  We can’t possibly object to trashing the Constitution and the Rule of Law, changing the demographics of our country and creating a permanent Democrat majority, as long as it’s “for the children” and “keeping families together”.

When we arrived at USC for the Townhall, we were told Congresswoman Bass would not be there.  Apparently, President Obama sent her to Namibia (wherever that is) for the swearing in of their new President…….just in the nick of time.  They also told us there would not be a Q&A. If we wanted to ask any questions we had to write them down and they would be given to Congresswoman Bass later.

As we entered the auditorium we were given headphones and told the meeting would be conducted in Spanish and we needed the headphones for the English translation.  This Townhall was to instruct illegal aliens on how to take advantage of President Obama’s Executive Order amnesty.  Many of those helping wore “C.H.I.R.L.A.” or “I’m migrant” shirts.

The front of the auditorium had been roped off for the illegal aliens. I was actually surprised at the low turnout.  The auditorium was not even half full. I would guess there were about 100 illegal aliens and supporters and nearly that many people in opposition. 

When Congressman Gutierrez entered the illegal aliens stood and cheered and started shouting,  “Si, se puede”.  To which the Americans stood and shouted in return, “USA”.  It became pandemonium.  A police officer came to the stage and asked for quiet.  He said he didn’t want to have to remove people but they would if necessary.

A Black pastor came to the stage and gave a short speech on how God would want us to welcome the illegal aliens.  Considering illegal immigration has hurt the Black community the most, it is appalling that a Black minister would be an accomplice and misrepresent what the Bible actually says.

We noticed there were no American flags in the auditorium, nor did the program start with the Pledge of Allegiance.  This was an official Congressional Townhall given by an American member of Congress. There are normally flags at such events and they normally start with the Pledge. 

The program began with a woman explaining in Spanish why if was necessary for the President to grant this amnesty by executive order. There was a slide on the screen that showed the Senate official seal, the House of Representatives official seal and the Presidential official seal. The Senate seal had a green check mark next to it. The House seal had a red X next to it.  The woman explained that the Senate passed a Comprehensive Immigration Bill but the “Republican held House” wouldn’t pass it.  (yes, let’s firmly implant in their minds Republicans are evil).  She said the President waited two years but when they failed to pass the bill, he had to grant an Executive Order amnesty. She said it was being held up in the courts but that they expected it to be ruled in their favor soon.  It was truly appalling to listen to this woman explain an unconstitutional act by this President was no big deal. That someone in Congresswoman Bass’s office put together this slide that completely misrepresents the three separate branches of our government and their legal authority. It also troubled me that she seems so certain the court will rule in their favor. 

When Congressman Gutierrez spoke, pandemonium broke out again. People began shouting, “This is America, speak English” as the illegals shouted, “Si, se puede”.  As a petulant Gutierrez waited, the police officer again took stage and called for quiet.  Our friend Mark continued to shout that he should speak English…..he was escorted out……but was allowed back in a few minutes later.

Gutierrez continued. He told the illegal aliens not to engage with the “idiots”.  He instructed them all to go the their consulates and get Matricula Consular ID cards and to get their birth certificates and rent receipts or any other proof (real or forged) to show that they have been here more than five years.  He told them in ten years there would be more than 48 million of them and through the birthrate they would outnumber Americans in another ten years.  He said he believed in One World and that anyone who wanted to come to America should be able to. (translation: He is for Global Governance).  He said he was at an event the day before in San Jose with the Mayor and District Attorney and they told him to “move forward”.  Isn’t in heartwarming to know how many of our Representatives don’t represent America.

It was difficult to sit in that auditorium and have an American Congressman insult citizens, to our faces, while pandering to illegal aliens.  To listen to him admit, in so many words, that amnesty is about changing the demographics of America and moving us into Global Governance. His distain for us was palpable.  There is little question he doesn’t represent America…. and that hundreds of members of Congress agree with him.

When Gutierrez stopped speaking he immediately left.  No questions or comments allowed.  Our Constitution allows citizens to address their grievances to their Representatives.  There is little opportunity to do that in person except at Townhalls. 

Gutierrez was followed by the testimony of two illegal aliens telling how difficult their lives were being illegal. One was a Dreamer and the other was the mother of two anchor children who cleans houses.

There were two other speakers on the stage that then said they would take questions about how to get drivers licenses or other services. (What? We were told there would be no questions). They called on several people by name, who read their questions from cards. It was obvious they were planted.  However, that opened the door and they did take a few questions from citizens. 

When the program ended most of us stayed to speak to the supporters one on one. Keith was speaking to a women who spoke little English but he asked her if she understood that unless the border was secure more would cross the border and take the jobs of those already here. She thought the border should be secure. 

One man asked me what the name of the our group was.  I told him there was no particular group.  I told him we were from all over. Some from Orange county, some from the Inland Empire, some from this district and some from the Valley.  He was disappointed in my answer, I imagine he wanted me to say we were the Tea Party. I pointed out there were Blacks and Latino’s among our group.  He said he always thought Americans were polite, generous people but all he saw today was hate. I said it wasn’t hate, it was anger, and not at them but at our Representatives. We are angry that people who are supposed to represent us, don’t. 

Keith was speaking to a group of young Latino’s.  He asked them if they would be upset if someone came into their homes or even their yards without their permission. They said yes, they wouldn’t allow that. He asked them if that didn’t apply to this country as well.  One of the young men gave us the argument we’ve heard over and over about the people who come here for a better life. He said he knew many illegal aliens who have been here more than 20 years and have American children. He said they made a mistake. Aren’t Americans a forgiving people.  Can’t they forgive them for their mistake? He asked what would happen to the children if their parents are sent back to their country.  I reminded him all parents are responsible for the consequences of their choices on their children.  I told the young man if I committed tax fraud and identity fraud for 20 years, he could rest assured,  I’d be separated from my children and they’d put me in jail.  One of them objected to my saying they committed tax or identity fraud. I explained if they were working, they were doing so with either stolen or forged ID’s and that’s identity fraud. Or if they were paid under the table, that was tax fraud.  On top of driving without a license or insurance. I asked them if they understood they wanted us to forgive them for crimes we wouldn’t be forgiven.  I explained they were asking for laws to be applied differently for them.  They understood.  I think, for the first time, they saw this from another perspective.

Before I left, I wrote out six comments for Congresswoman Bass.  I didn’t comment because I think she cares, I did it to remind her we understand her true intent.

1) This isn’t about your concern for illegal immigrants, this is about changing the demographics of this country and having a permanent Democrat majority.

2) You say we can’t deport 11/15/20 million people, but if I, as a Black/White American committed tax fraud and identity fraud for 20 years, what do you think the government would do to me? Why does the length of time they have broken our laws exempt them from punishment?

3) One of the points you make in supporting amnesty is that the illegal immigrants will have to go to the “end of the line”.  But those under Obama’s Executive Order amnesty are going to the front of the line. How do you explain that to LEGAL immigrants who have FOLLOWED THE LAW and waited YEARS to come here?

4) Congresswoman Bass, please explain how amnesty benefits the Black community and why after decades under Democrat leadership YOUR district is the poorest in the state.

5) Please explain how not requiring illegal immigrants to speak our language benefits the immigrants or the country.  Aren’t they turning this country into the one they fled?

6) You have illegal aliens testify how difficult their lives are being illegal.  Considering you are an American member of Congress, why don’t you have Americans testify about how difficult their lives have been since losing their jobs to illegal aliens or having a loved one killed by an illegal alien.

Our country is not just being stolen from us, it’s being erased.  Without borders, there is no country. Most of the illegals we spoke to agreed the borders should be secured. But they support the very people who will never secure them.

If amnesty were really about compassion for the illegal immigrant, our government would have secured the border decades ago.  Why have we had people “living in the shadows” for the last 25 years?  Because the security part of the 1986 Amnesty Bill was never enforced. Why would we believe border security in any future bill would be?  
<![CDATA[greg gerig: Ben Carson Bites The                       Democrat Party's Bait]]>Fri, 13 Mar 2015 19:53:35 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/greg-gerig-ben-carson-bites-the-democrat-partys-baitBen Carson's March 4 "prison makes people gay" comment is already enshrined in political-gaffe infamy, right alongside the prolific output of our current Vice President.  Though many fellow Republicans may disagree, I'm thankful that he's effectively removed himself from the running for the 2016 Presidency.  He's undoubtedly a good man who means well, but his popularity, just like that of people like Ross Perot and Colin Powell, arose from a scant handful of appealing statements, not from a proven foundation of unequivocal Constitutionalist-Republican principle.  Like Ross Perot and more recently Sarah Palin, he has always struck me as a political dilettante, not a solid Presidential contender in a time of undeniable crisis. 

But in a sense Carson has done us a service - in illuminating a rather huge pitfall along the path to a Republican victory in 2016 (which I think is a virtual certainty - or ought to be.)  That pitfall is "social conservatism" and the strategic suicide that is emphasizing religious governance in the middle of a Presidential campaign season.

Folks, there is a reason why the Democrat-Socialist Party, for the last year and a half, have been aggressively shoving the gay marriage issue to front-and-center of the political arena:   They, unlike the feckless Republican "leadership," (not to mention outright traitors like Boehner and McConnell,) understand strategy.  They know that with either Dolores Umbridge-Clinton or Chief Fake Eagle Warren as their 2016 candidate, they stand to lose in a landslide to make Mondale smile.  
But they know something else:  "Social conservative" issues are the Republican Party's single greatest weakness with potential voters, if only they can get Republicans to bury themselves in them.

The gay marriage issue is bait.

The Democrat-Socialists have shoved it to front-and-center because they know they have a handful of absolute zeros as their 2016 candidate pool, so they are hoping beyond hope that the Republicans will take that "social conservatism" bait and implode into a frenzy of the kind of religious moralizing which invariably wipes out vital support from "moderates," libertarians and Blue Dog Democrats, as well as huge swaths of Constitutional Republicans.

We have seen, time and time again, rank-and-file voters elect Republican majorities on the expectation that they will secure our national defense and bring leviathan government under control, only to see those Republican "leaders" immediately squander their mandate - immediately pushing to the back burner pressing, crisis-level issues like: government attacks on the Constitution and our most basic rights, criminal negligence on national defense, an out-of-control Orwellian regulatory state, and out-of-control spending and taxation - in favor of bizarre, tangential lurches into religion.

While America burns, they're busy fighting to preserve Ten Commandment steles at courthouses; while neo-fascists declare ownership of every American's body via a government takeover of medicine, they're swan-diving into the rhetorical quicksand of abortion; instead of establishing a separation of education and state - thereby privatizing both schools and curricula - they're busy pushing for prayer in schools... which they blithely allow to remain "public."

Yes, morality is a gaping void in contemporary America, particularly among its elected officious. But the last genuine Republican candidate, Ronald Reagan, was wise and Constitutionally-savvy enough to promote a powerful morality indirectly, by example - since the Constitution strictly proscribes religious legislation in any case. The result was the '80s decade - in which America positively glowed with a renewed moral purpose, a consequently-renewed sense of national self-respect, of civilized society, of enduring peace and prosperity.

But the minute politicians start talking about people's bedroom activities or about intractable, polarizing issues like abortion, Republicans lose.  Period.  The people who win in their stead are people who enact precisely the kinds of legislation that religious Republicans abhor most in any case. So three cheers for "sticking to your religious convictions," and a big fat zero for what you've achieved as a consequence, both for your own goals and for the country's vital issues alike.

If the Republicans take the Democrat-Socialist Party bait and plunge into religion in the runup to 2016, the Democrats' real-world Dolores Umbridge, lame a candidate as she is, will gain an advantage in the only way she can:  by Republican default.

If the Republicans instead demonstrate moral character by example and remain laser-focused on those crisis-level issues - the shambles that is our national defense; the Orwellian nightmare that is Agenda 21 and the explosive growth of the regulatory state; the black hole that is the national debt; the de facto communist nationalization of the medical, banking and automotive sectors of our economy; the de facto drug-pushing that is the Democrats' attempt to addict scores of people to the welfare dole - the Republican ticket will trounce whatever corrupt clown the Demo-Socialist Party runs in '16, in a landslide to have her envying Walter Mondale's 1984 returns.

Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the Cruz-West Administration inaugurated on January 20, 2017.  Lobby for your religious issues then, if you think they have merit and pass Constitutional muster.  Not now. The alternative is to watch a Clinton or Warren Administration take over in 2017.  So essentially, what we have in the religious conservative "purist" mentality is identical to what we have in the Libertarian "purist" mentality touched upon on this blog previously - with the same consequence in the offing for embracing it.  

We are at a fork in the road.  We can take the Democrat bait and follow the path to instant defeat which Carson illustrated with his facepalm-inducing comment, or ignore the bait and keep hammering away at the multitude of pressing, do-or-die issues that must be dealt with.  Which latter are also the policy issues that will bury the Democrat Party under a landslide defeat in 2016.]]>
<![CDATA[michael greer: santa barbara newspaper attacked by illegal alien protesteors]]>Fri, 13 Mar 2015 19:40:36 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/michael-greer-santa-barbara-newspaper-attacked-by-illegal-alien-protesteorsSaturday I drove to Santa Barbara for a brunch where the Director of News Operations at the Santa Barbara News-Press, Don Katich was going to speak about the newspaper’s recent battles for free speech.

Santa Barbara is my home town. I was raised in Santa Barbara, I graduated from Santa Barbara High School, I was married in Santa Barbara and my children were born there. I love Santa Barbara and anything that happens there is of interest to me.

A few months ago the Santa Barbara News-Press was attacked and vandalized by pro-illegal alien protestors.  They spray painted, “The border is illegal not the people who cross it”, next to the front door and paint bombed the rest of the building.  What did the paper do to warrant such an attack? They printed a headline that said, “Illegals line up for drivers licenses”. The grievance army has become so emboldened, anything they perceive as offensive warrants the complete destruction of the offender. 

A few weeks after the attack there was a rally in support of the News-Press.  I attended that rally and so did the pro-illegal alien crowd.  They did their best to provoke the News-Press supporters. They shouted down speakers, they shouted epithets, they got in people’s faces.  I’m constantly frustrated by people here illegally demanding rights they aren’t entitled to……..and our government allowing it.  No wonder they feel empowered.

The Santa Barbara Woman’s Federated arranged a brunch at the La Cumbre Country Club for Don Katich to explain the New-Press’s position on this attack on free speech.  Valerie Watson from the Woman’s Federated introduced Don and after listing his many accomplishments, she said he was also a member of the NRA, to great applause. 

Don began his talk by saying how sad it was that exercising your 2nd Amendment rights would receive applause.

Don let us know the News-Press is not going to change it’s position.  “Illegals” is the accurate term, it’s a term used by the Federal government and a term the News-Press has used for years.  They have every intention of continuing to use it.

Don spoke of many examples of free speech being attacked in Santa Barbara.  He cited an attack on a pro-life teenager by an assistant professor on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. The young woman was physically assaulted and her display destroyed by the UCSB employee who was never held accountable for the assault.

Mr. Katich spoke of the 1st Amendment being our greatest gift and the basis of all our other rights. He said once the Rule of Law becomes subjective, tyranny follows.

He said he believes in American Exceptionalism as evidenced in our Bill of Rights and Constitution. He said it is the newspaper’s job to report the news truthfully, not to be politically correct.

He told us about  the fight in 2006 the new publisher had with the union (I didn’t know reporters were unionized…..no wonder so many are Liberal) over control of the content of the paper. They didn’t walk out over wages, hours or conditions.

The new publisher wanted to end the Liberal bias that existed. The union members walked out and sued for control of the content.  Fortunately, a judge ruled that the publisher had control, not the employees.

Don said the future can’t be controlled by kissing ass, but by kicking ass. He said it’s time to be informed, be involved and be BOLD. 
<![CDATA[michael greer: londonistan]]>Tue, 24 Feb 2015 06:08:23 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/michael-greer-londonistanWe have been so fortunate to have the American Freedom Alliance arrange for Melanie Phillips to speak to various groups this week.  Melanie Phillips is a world renowned British journalist. She was the News Editor of the Guardian. Her weekly column appears in The Times and many other newspapers. She has a weekly radio show on the Voice of Israel and is a regular panelist on BBC Radio’s “The Moral Maze”.

She wrote the best selling book, “Londonistan” in 2006 and followed it with, “The World Turned Upside Down: the Global Battle over God, Truth and Power” with the forward written by Broadway and Hollywood screenwriter, David Mamet.

www.melaniephillips.com, www.facebook.com/MelanieLatest, www.voiceofisreal.com

Phillips began by talking about some of the recent Islamic terrorist activities. She spoke of attack in Copenhagen, as well as an attack on a synagogue.  Since the attack in France on Charlie Hebdo people have been speaking out in support of free speech. Eighty world leaders joined arms and marched in Paris saying “Je Suis, Charlie”. The people killed by a terrorist in Copenhagen were attending a meeting supporting free speech. Phillips pointed out these aren’t just an attacks on free speech, they are attacks on religion.  And, sadly, although the world leaders spoke about the importance of free speech, their countries wouldn’t publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Phillips said terrorism works.

Salman Rushdie, after writing. “Satanic Verses” had to go into hiding due to threats on his life. He received little support. Many Europeans blamed him for insulting Islam. The message taken is that if you insult Islam you’re to blame for provoking them. The victims become the offenders.

The Egyptian President implored Imams to reform Islam, and Phillips explains there are many Muslims who believe Islam needs reform, but he isn’t being supported by the leaders in the European Union or America.  Since WWII European leaders have bent over backwards to make their governments secular. They consider all religions equally dreadful and morally equivalent. They believe nationalism and religion are the causes of wars.  They believe if they reach out to enemies in friendship everything will be OK.  However, compromise is seen as a sign of weakness by Islamists. If we don’t show strength, it galvanizes Islamists and inspires more violence.

Secular governments fear upsetting Islamic States will cause unrest that will lead to a Holy War and they fear a holy war because they can’t control it.  Jews across Europe are in serious danger. They are being told the government can’t protect them and because of that many of them are now fleeing Europe.

Phillips explained that if nationalism and religion were the causes of world wars boundaries between countries needed to be erased and they needed to immigrate people from other cultures. They believed if they mixed it all up people would all sing “Kumbaya” together.  That is why they formed the European Union. The EU decides how many immigrants each country gets and from where.  The countries have no say.  But the result has not been what they expected.  People are resentful of having their culture taken from them. They feel demoralized.  Why vote if other countries can veto your vote?  People feel there is an assault on their values not just on free speech and religion.  There is a push back from natural born Europeans but when they protest, the police protect the Muslims not the natural citizens.

She explained how easy it is to radicalize English born Muslims.  They are surrounded with sex, drugs and rock and roll and they like it. They participate in it but at the same time they are disgusted by it because it goes against Islam.  Imams appeal to that self disgust.

Phillips spoke of her time at the Guardian, which she described as so far Left it was like the NY Times on speed. As she transitioned from Left to Right she said one of her colleagues told her the single most terrifying thing that could happen to her is that she turned into Melanie.  She said the Left thinks because they are for the poor and less fortunate, they are “good” and whatever they do is “good” regardless of the consequences. And if they are “good” the Right has to be “bad” and everything they do is “bad”.

The Q&A was quite interesting.  There were a number of Muslims in the audience.  One talked about insulting Islam.  Phillips pointed out that Christianity and Judaism are insulted all the time with impunity. The difference is that Jews and Christians don’t kill anyone for doing it.

She pointed out that in a recent poll 80% of Egyptian Muslims believe the appropriate punishment for leaving the religion is death.  20% of American Muslims support terrorism. And 40% to 60% of English Muslims believe Sharia should be the only law.

When asked what could be done to reverse what is happening, Phillips, explained more and more Muslims want reform and reform needs to happen.  The Imams and Muslim leaders need to denounce ISIS, Hamas, Boka Haram, Al Qaeda and the like.

We also need to get out of the UN.  There are 57 Muslim countries in the UN. They are the largest voting block. They want to make blasphemy a crime.  When most of what comes out of the UN is a detriment to the Western countries, we need to stop supporting it. 
<![CDATA[michael greer: AL GORE, HE’S NOT KIDDING ]]>Tue, 10 Feb 2015 23:45:23 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/michael-greer-al-gore-hes-not-kiddingAl Gore and former Mexican President Filipe Calderon recently called for spending  $90 trillion to redesign every city in the world to be car free.  There has been little or no discussion of this in the main stream media.  Why is that?  If anyone on the right were to make such an absurd suggestion the media would still be laughing and mocking them endlessly.  http://dailycaller.com/2015/01/23/al-gore-spend-90-trillion-to-ban-cars-from-every-major-city-in-the-world/

Al Gore is the Godfather of Global Warming aka Climate Change.  He is the Pope of the Climate Change Religion. He flies all over the world telling people the sky is falling and far too many people believe him. I went to protest a speech he was giving in Beverly Hills and people were lined up around the block to hear him.  We held signs discrediting his claims. A few people came and spoke to us in gentle tones as if they were speaking to a, not too bright, child. They believed we were just too simple minded to understand the science (as if they did) and if they just pointed us in the right direction we’d see the light.  When one of our group mentioned they had a PhD and gave them some factual data that was clearly over their head, they turned hostile.

So, let’s examine this proposal of Al Gore’s. He wants to spend $90 trillion to redesign every city in the world to take us out of our cars and private property and into apartments in high-rises (hmmm, sounds like Agenda 21, doesn’t it?).  He’s actually serious about this.  Does he know there isn’t $90 trillion in the world, (the closest estimate I could find was between $50 and $60 trillion)? So, he wants to take, nearly, TWICE as much money as there is in the world to combat “Climate Change”.  Think about that for a minute.  How would it even be possible to spend more money than there is? But say we could spend $90 Trillion to rebuild all the cities, why would we?  It certainly couldn’t be done without using fossil fuels. And all that construction would put more CO2 and real pollutants in the atmosphere than cars could in hundreds of years. If “climate change” were the immediate threat Gore claims, this would exacerbate it.

If we spend more money than there is in the world to rebuild cities we already have, how are we going to pay for all those bloated government employee union salaries, benefits and pensions? How are we going to support all the poor? How are we going to pay for the school breakfasts, lunches and dinners? The free college? Obamaphones? Obamacare, etc., etc., etc?

Anytime someone tells you, “The debate is over”, it’s a sure sign, it isn’t.  That should be a BIG red flag.  Science is a never ending debate. It requires constant questioning. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of things considered “settled science” that have been proven wrong.  How many years did they say the Piltdown Man was the missing link……until he was proven to be a hoax?  How long has the Big Bang theory been sold as fact but is now being questioned? http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2015/01/31/Scientists-Evidence-of-Big-Bang-theory-fails-to-space-dust/1171422712058/

An English High Court ruled that Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” contained eleven “factual inaccuracies” that had to be pointed out to students before it could be shown in schools.  And yet, he won the Academy Award and the Noble Prize for his fraudulent claims. Why does anyone believe anything this man says?


Recently, an English newspaper, the Telegraph, published an article that explains how the temperature data has been being “altered” to support the Global Warming claims. We need to remember 178 countries signed Agenda 21 and governments fund the data collection. The trouble for the Global Warming salesmen is that groups not funded by governments also collect the data. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/environment/globalwarming/11395516/The-fiddling-with-temperature-data-is-the-biggest-science-scandal-ever.html

Determining the average temperature of the world is not an exact science to start with.  Anthony Watts, through his website www.wattsupwiththat.com did a study of the temperature stations and found so many irregularities that their temperatures couldn’t be relied on to be accurate. Some were located in the middle of parking lots, or in shaded areas, or near machinery or on top of waste processing tanks.  There are so many factors that effect temperature and it is too complicated for the average person to understand. That’s a Perfect Storm for fraud.

In 2008 Gore said the poles would be ice free in five to seven years. Well, it’s seven years and the poles haven’t melted. In 1993 he predicted all the coastal cities would be flooded by 2000 due to melting poles.  Again, not the case.  The media tried to use hurricane Sandy to validate his claim but Sandy wasn’t caused by melting poles or rising sea levels.  Sandy was a hurricane. Hurricanes are not rare.  The fact that Sandy’s name starts with an “S” means there were 18 hurricanes before it. Hurricanes have happened since the beginning of time and will continue to happen.  And, in fact, here have been fewer hurricanes the last few years, not more.

Regardless of the predictions, made by Al Gore, proven wrong over and over, the media, Al Gore, and the UN funded IPCC will continue to push for car-less cities and government control over the activities of all living creatures in the name of “Climate Change” because Progressives never give up. NEVER.
<![CDATA[matt kibbe: State of the Union 2015-swing and a miss]]>Sat, 24 Jan 2015 22:57:40 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/matt-kibbe-state-of-the-union-2015-swing-and-a-missPresident Obama had an opportunity to take steps towards unifying the two ideologically opposed branches of government in his first State of the Union address to a Republican House and Senate. Not surprisingly, it was a swing and a miss.   

Nobody expects the president to work with Republicans to repeal his signature health care overhaul. But there are many policies that Democrats and Republicans can begin to reform together, immediately.

 Governing with a Republican-led Congress doesn’t have to be this hard.The protection of civil liberties is a natural fit for Republicans and Democrats to work together. A strong bipartisan coalition exists to reject the NSA’s warrantless spying on civilians. The president could support the trans-partisan Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act, which would require warrants for any government agency seeking personal information about an individual from a third party (i.e. an internet service provider or a telephone company).

Obama could stand in solidarity with Democrats and Republicans who want to allow Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act (which is used to justify the NSA's bulk metadata collection program) to expire in June.  

He could use the rhetorical power of the Oval Office to call for an end to corporate welfare distribution agencies like the Export-Import Bank. Or call for an end to civil asset forfeiture abuses. Legislation like the FAIR Act would limit law enforcement’s ability to confiscate property on an unjustified whim.

Rather than making empty promises of “free” education, the president could advance policies that ensure students are getting the value they paid for. He could encourage Democrats to work with Speaker Boehner, who has led on education reform in the past with the popular D.C. Choice program.

President Obama could applaud trans-partisan efforts to reform the criminal justice system, including Sens. Rand Paul (R) and Cory Booker’s (D) REDEEM Act, which would give non-violent criminals a chance to become productive members of society again. Or Sens. Mike Lee (R) and Richard Durbin’s (D) Smarter Sentencing Act, which would free up prison space to keep violent criminals off the streets.

Governing with a Republican-led Congress doesn’t have to be this hard. If President Obama chooses to continue treating the office of the presidency as a campaign podium, it will become clear who the real obstructionist is.

[Guest blog courtesy of Matt Kibbe, Freedomworks]

Matt Kibbe is the president of FreedomWorks and author of the New York Times bestseller, "Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff." Follow him on Twitter at @MKibbe. 
<![CDATA[michael greer: WE HAVE LOST THE VOICE OF REASON]]>Thu, 18 Dec 2014 00:52:06 GMThttp://www.lasmteaparty.org/blog/michael-greer-we-have-lost-the-voice-of-reasonWe have people rioting in the streets, shutting down freeways, burning down neighborhoods but where are the voices of reason? Our leaders and the media are fanning the flames instead of calming them. Our President said there was a history of deep seeded racism in this country, while in truth America is the least racist country in the world.  750,000 young white men died to free the slaves. That is more than the First and Second World Wars combined. If racism were deep seeded in this country, how did we elect a Black President twice with Blacks being only 13.2% of the population?

Black Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton raised her hands and repeated, “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” on the floor of Congress. She said she didn’t know the facts of the Ferguson case and didn’t care about them because there was a bigger issue. What is the bigger issue for her? Does she want to tear down our justice system? Is it perfect? No, there is no such thing as perfect but over the last 238 years it’s been the most just, fairest in the world. What voice of reason is pointing that out?

We have people protesting across the country saying, “Hands Up, don’t shoot” when that is not what happened. Yet, if anyone tries to point out that both Michael Brown and Eric Garner would be alive today had they not resisted arrest, they are shouted down. The police are being blamed not the criminal. Neither case had anything to do with racism and yet that is what the protests are about. There are signs saying, “Black Lives Matter”. Planned Parenthood is using the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. If they didn’t kill 1,876 Black babies a day, the hypocrisy might not be so stunning.

The talking heads say these cases were about an “epidemic” of white police officers killing “unarmed” Black men. They are suggesting unarmed men can’t kill.  Michael Brown is being made into some kind of hero when he robbed a store, roughed up the owner, assaulted a police officer, tried to get his gun and resisted arrest. Juan Williams said the officer should have just driven away. What? When has that been police procedure? When have police been trained to walk away if a suspect resists arrest? Is that what we want? Should the police say, “We’ve already reached our quota of Black arrests, so we’ll just ignore that Black man robbing the bank?”

The media tells us that it is open season on Black men by racist police officers. It has been repeated over and over that the Ferguson police department only had three Black officers and doesn’t reflect the diversity of the community. Did anyone ask why that was? Is it because the Police Department in Ferguson is turning down qualified Black candidates or is it that Blacks don’t apply to be police officers because the Black community raises their children to distrust and hate the police. Has ONE “journalist” asked why there aren’t more Black officers? Did the “journalists” ask if the law abiding Black Community wanted police protection? How many lives police officers save? What exactly is the goal of their portrayal of police officers being racists? Do they want a nationalized police force?

The facts don’t support their narrative.  Blacks are only 13.2% of the population but they commit, according to New York Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, 70% to 75% of the crimes. The FBI reported in 2009 Blacks (13.2% of the population) committed 433, 934 crimes against Whites, while Whites (77.7% of the population) committed only 53, 685 crimes against Blacks. Blacks commit 72.5% of the homicides. Whites commit 25.3% of the homicides.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States

In 2013 Whites killed 193 Blacks, Blacks killed 448 Whites and Blacks killed 2,447 Blacks. If there is an “epidemic” of Blacks being killed, it isn’t by police officers, it’s by other Blacks. Those saying there is an epidemic of Whites killing Blacks are not the voices of reason.  

Why are there more Blacks in prison? As stated earlier, they commit the majority of the crimes. Why do they commit most of the crimes? Might it be because most of them are fatherless and jobless. What effect has the welfare state had on the Black community? Were Black families better off before welfare? Why is there such a high drop out rate for Blacks?

We are told Blacks receive harsher sentences for the same crimes than Whites. But why might that be true? Is it really due to racism? Sentences are determined by the past record of the convict. With young Blacks having no jobs, due to endless illegal immigration, isn’t it more likely young Black men might commit more crimes?

If they have a record of past crimes, their sentences will be harsher. But the media, Black leaders and, sadly, our Attorney General, neglect to point that out. 

Instead of  talking about how “unfair” the justice system is because so many Blacks are in prison, we need to be talking about why such a high percentage of the Black population commits crimes.

Every single aspect of our system and culture is under attack, but those we look to for voices of reason, for factual information, for perspective, are instead, obfuscating facts and encouraging unrest. Our justice system was designed to apply our laws equally to all, to be blind to race, religion or creed. It’s application may not always be perfect, but it isn’t due to some fault of the system. We don’t need to change the system, we need to follow it.